2019 Theme – The Not So Minor Prophets

The Minor prophets are intimidating to many Christians. At first glance, they appear to be a collection of obscure books from people with strange names dealing with nations that no longer exist. The confusion is compounded by the fact that the books are not listed in the Bible in chronological order, nor are they all dealing with the same places and events. But with a little context and some help from your favorite Carolina Confessional Lutheran pastors, the message of Christ will shine through and you will be blessed with a greater appreciation of God’s dealing with his people according to law and gospel. Join us this year as we study those Not So Minor Prophets!

Loci Schedule 2019

January 26 — Joel — Rev. Tod Rappe

February 23 – Amos — Rev. Christopher Stout

March 30 – Jonah— Rev. Jeffrey Ware

April 27 – Michah - Rev. Christopher Burger

May 25 – Hosea - Rev. Matthew Jeffords

June 29 – Nahum, Zephaniah - Pastors’ Roundtable

August 2-4 – Sunago Retreat at Christmount

August 24 – Habakkuk - Rev. Greg Alms

September 28 – Obadiah - Rev. Thomas Olson

October 26 – Haggai and Zechariah - Rev. Tod Rappe

December 7 – Malachi - Rev. Loyd Ginn