2018 Theme – Christ in You - Your Life in Christ

We’re very excited about this year’s theme for Loci!  If you’ve spent any time in the Lutheran blogosphere, or social media it’s impossible to miss the great debate taking place among confessional Lutherans.  Charges of antinomianism and legalism abound.  Lutheran service organizations and prominent theologians have been condemned.  No matter what side of the debate you find yourself on, its apparent that clarity needs to be brought to the issues.  So, join us for this year long discussion of the Christian life!

Loci Schedule 2018

February 24 – A Strong Foundation: Justification and Sanctification - Rev. Thomas Olson

March 17 – Law and Gospel in the Life of the Christian - Rev. Tod Rappe

April 28 – The Third Use of the Law in the Confessions and Lutheran Preaching - Rev. Jeffrey Ware

May 26 – Unio Mystica: The Indwelling of the Holy Trinity - Rev. Aaron Kangas

June 23 – The Theology of the Cross and the Christian Life - Rev. Christopher Burger

August 3-5 – Sunago Retreat at Christmount

August 25 – Two (or three?) Kinds of Righteousness - Rev. John Drosendahl

September 29 – The Royal Priesthood and the Office of the Ministry - Rev. Matthew Jeffords

October 27 – Antinomianism: Soft or Otherwise - Rev. Gavin Mize

November 10 – Piety vs. Pietism - Rev. Christopher Stout

December 8 – Living Sacrifices: Christian Witness and Mercy - TBA